MERGE: Student Ministry Parent Partnership

We invite your entire family to our first MERGE conference.

Come expecting dinner, childcare for all ages, and an hour of vital information for parents and students that will empower you to MERGE with Christ into your family even more. This night will separate parents and students for individual conferences and children (1-5th grades) and nursery (B-5yr) for playtime.

The MERGE parents topic will be “How to Give The (Sex) Talk” by Jonathan (JB) Brown.

The MERGE students (6-12th grades) topic will be “Social Media Dangers” by Jonathan (JP) Pitts, Associate Pastor, FBC Selma with Dallas County Sheriff’s Dept. officers.

We want to empower you in this ever-evolving world of technology and crisis in order to MERGE parents and students together towards Christ.

We admit that we do not have all the answers to solve the issues of cutting, depression, SnapChat, social media addictions, bullying, suicide and many more issues that our youth face daily…BUT we can hold parent conferences to educate and empower parents on these crisis issues. We do admit that Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself in our place, in order to allow us to have a right relationship with God Almighty, and pursue His plan for our lives…and He is the pursuit of our existence.

This event is sponsored by Dallas County Churches.

5:30pm – Free Dinner provided in the Fellowship Hall for those who are registered

6:00pm – Separate for age group activities; B-5yr, 1-6th grades

6:05pm – 7-12th grades in Youth Room for “Social Media Dangers”

6:05pm – Adults in Sanctuary for “How to talk to your kids about sex”

Click on the link below to register for this FREE opportunity!